From the President

As you know, a globe is a spherical depiction of Earth, and “global” thus describes something extending across the entire planet.

Humanity left its cradle in southern Africa and little by little expanded its range of inhabitation to ultimately become a truly global presence. In the process, groups arrived at different destinations, forming a diversity of unique cultures in the lands they chose to settle.

Mankind did not halt its spread even after becoming a global presence, though, and different cultures began encountering one another. Unfortunately, many of these encounters became clashes that sparked conflict. Why must encounters between differing cultures lead to conflict?

The word “crossover,” which started out as a musical term, refers to a fusion of music from different genres that creates a new musical world. Such a fusion emerges when individual performers understand each other’s musical genres and respect the artists from other genres.

How wonderful it would be if cultural encounters, too, could achieve such crossover. Successfully understanding and respecting each other’s cultures can make clashes inconceivable, even if no fusion develops as a consequence. The only way to get to that starting point is to adopt a perspective in which you do not regard your own culture in absolute terms.

With a solid understanding of your own culture, your interactions with differing cultures from around the world will ensure that you have a comparative perspective and a better understanding of, and respect for, others.

We offer a venue to make all that possible. the college is formally divided into three departments, with each department serving as a foundation on which you can build your academic experience in a number of genres. I very much hope you will expose yourself to the range of specialties available and set off down the road to genuine cultural exchange.

Norishiro Kanda
President of Gakushuin Women's College

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